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Paper Brokers Can Be a Source of Stability in an Unpredictable Market

Paper brokers offer their customers consistently low, stabilized pricing – even as the industries largest suppliers raise their prices.

Suppliers typically pass the cost of chemicals and paper production on to the customer in the form of annual increased fees. Small to medium-sized printers may not always realize they are taking the hit for this. They also may not realize they have other options when it comes to supply purchases.

Paper brokers such as Westminster offer an alternative when it comes to securing your product at an affordable price. While a 4-8 percent price increase may not seem like a significant amount, over time and across repeat purchases, it can have a large impact. These incremental differences in paper pricing make it similar to purchasing gasoline for your car. A hypothetical .10 cent difference may not have a significant increase for a single gallon, but it will make a larger difference as you fill your tank.

Some printers may buy millions of square inches of paper over the course of a year, having paper delivered by the truckload. These increases could have an annual impact ranging between hundreds of dollars and tens of thousands, depending on the size of the orders over time.

Another aspect of the purchasing process to consider is freight costs. When you purchase through a quality broker, they should cover your freight costs. Buying from a paper broker gives you the same benefit that you would have by making an Amazon Prime purchase – the cost to get the product to your doorstep does not fall back on you.

When was the last time you evaluated your company’s paper purchasing costs? Taking the time to reevaluate your purchasing can consistently save your company money over time. Going with a paper broker such as Westminster can provide stabilized, more affordable pricing options. Contact us today!



pressure sensitive paper

Realizing Savings On Your Next Pressure Sensitive Paper Purchase

When it comes to pressure sensitive paper and other flexographic industry products, you have choices. There is a high level of industry competition offering the same products at varying prices.

Sometimes the price difference on identical paper products can be miniscule. If one company is offering the same product a few pennies less than the other company, is it worth changing your pressure sensitive paper supplier?

Your gut answer may be no. You may want to do some simple math before you dismiss this as a hassle unworthy of your time. Consider how much product you need, and how frequently you’ll need it before moving on.

The Gas Station Analogy

You are driving through your neighborhood, and the gaslight turns on. There are two stations, on opposite sides of the intersection. One is consistently about 10 cents less than the other, but the more expensive one is easier to get to in busier traffic.

It doesn’t really matter which one you go to, right? Wrong. Let’s say you have a 14-gallon tank on your car, and you fill up once a week. That turns into $1.40 savings with each tank of gas. Multiply that out over the course of the year, and suddenly you are talking about $72.80 worth of savings.

I bet there’s a lot of ways you can spend that $72.80. It’s at least a few tanks of gas, or a nice meal out. Over the course of time, small savings accumulate.

Pressure Sensitive Paper Savings  

Consider your last 1,000 MSI paper roll purchase. What happens if there is a company that sells the same amount for 3 cents cheaper? It’s just a few pennies, right?

Well, how many rolls do you purchase through the course of the year? The answer to that question will tell you how much you are saving. That 3 cents may not seem like much until you have to multiply it by a few hundred, or a few thousand.

It’s conceivable that a small printing company can see more than $5,000 in savings by going with a pressure sensitive paper broker that can save them 3 cents on the roll on their bulk paper purchase. Now think about how much paper a big box chain must use for labels. The savings can quickly accumulate into the five or six figure range.

Are you paying too much for your self-adhesive labels? It wouldn’t hurt to look around. It might be time to contact a professional pressure sensitive paper broker such as Westminster Papers, to ensure that you are saving money on your purchases.