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Regardless of the type of business you run, you need to work with a flexographic printing company with years of experience so you can get high-quality adhesive paper at a reasonable price. At Westminster Papers, our in-depth industry experience lets us offer you a wide range of products, all of which are created with a high attention to detail.

Make Us Your Pressure- and Non-Pressure-Sensitive Paper Suppliers

In this competitive industry, you need pressure- and non-pressure-sensitive label brokers you can trust. Our founder, Andy, worked in both the international and domestic paper markets for 22 years before he founded Westminster Papers to offer individual customers a high level of service. We work with our customers on an individual basis to make sure their orders meets their expectations.

As pressure-sensitive paper distributors, we offer a wide range of films, papers, liners, adhesives, and specialty items for our clients to choose from. Talk to us about customizing your order to your exact needs. Our job doesn’t end with selling you our product—instead, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end result.

Work with our pressure-sensitive label brokers today by starting your order below. If you have any questions, don’t wait to get in touch with us at 630.229.6466.


Direct Thermal

A direct thermal coated paper stock is designed to work through low, medium and high-speed direct thermal printers. This bright white sheet reacts to heat to produce a high end and detailed finish in P.O.S applications.


A 50# bright white uncoated sheet designed for impact electronic data processing applications, and continuous forms.


A 60# matte coated face stock available in red, pink, green, orange and chartreuse.

Hi Gloss

This contains a cast-coated finish. Its high strength stock gives a glossy hi end finish.


A bright white matte coated litho stock is designed for toner infusion printers and copiers, where high-end preprint is required.


A 50# coated or smudge resistant latex sheet, with high wet strength and resistance to oil and chemicals.

Matte Litho

A 60# white, high strength matte coated litho paper stock, perfect for high quality printing, but less demanding applications.

Piggy Back

A 3 ply construction consisting of a face stock and two liners, allowing the label to be re applied to another substrate. Often used in direct mail and promotional labeling.


A bright white, semi–gloss coated sheet with outstanding ink receptivity for use with the flexographic, UV flexographic, and UV rotary printing processes. Great for use with children’s stickers, mailers, coupons, or applications requiring a gloss finish.

Tag Stocks Pressure Sensitive

A coated, one side white stock. It is excellent where a stiffer of more durable finish is required.

Tag Stocks Non Pressure Sensitive

A coated one side or two side stock where a stiffer, or more durable finish is required, available in 8 pt, 10 pt, 12 pt, 16 pt, and 18 pt.

Thermal Transfer

A 53# or 60# premium coated face sheet is designed for high-speed thermal transfer printing. The face sheet offers excellent smudge proof thermal transfer, and flexo printing results.

Wine Label

A 60# wet strength paper used in the wine label industry offers printers a wide range of printing capabilities, including hot stamping, foil stamping, embossing, and flexo printing.



A transparent film material, which is also available in colors, and comes between 1 mill and 5 mill in thickness, it is easy to cut with scissors or a knife, and ideal for craft applications.


An extruded film provides a smooth, strong, heat sealable, high clarity or low gloss finish and is usually available in 1 mill and 5 mill thickness. It provides excellent UV resistant and is available with different top coatings. Great for flexo, and thermal transfer printing.


A Strong and durable film which offers excellent resistance. Available in whites and clears.


A clear or white film, with excellent squeezable characteristics, and is usually available between 2 mill and 4 mill thick. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, on semi rigid and rigid containers. Polypropylenes print well in flexo and thermal transfer applications. Various coatings must be applied depending on the application.


A clear or white film usually between 1 mill and 2.5 mill thickness, provides excellent flexo printing, works well in durable and coupon applications. Various coatings must be used depending on the application.

Specialty Films

These include films for specialty applications such as security, and are tamper evident. They are normally available in bright and matte silver and gloss and matte white.


Synthetics Are a strong, durable and chemical resistant designed for labels which interact with chemical or abrasive conditions.


A durable film both in pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive, which has excellent water, chemicals, and weather resistance.


PVC is a soft flexible film, which can be used in many different applications, where durability is needed. Typically available in white or clear, with a variety of different liners depending on the application.

Specialty Items

Custom Coatings

Have a special application that requires a special adhesive or a pattern gum?

  • Heavy Coat weight hot melt adhesives
  • Aggressive Coatings
  • Regular adhesive coatings
  • Pattern adhesives
  • All available on papers and films
  • Max width 30 inches for coatings
  • Minimum 5,000 ft
  • Narrow slitting down to 2 inches available.

Die Cut Labels

Both perforated and butt cut labels are offered in the size and quantity needed.

Flexible Packaging

A variety of flexible packaging constructions to suit all packaging needs.



Typically a white release liner with a caliper between 2.2 mill and 3.7 mill. Glassine liners offer excellent die cutting characteristics.

Natural Kraft

A 2.5 mill unbleached natural Kraft liner, which is also available with a poly-coated coating typically used in roll to roll applications, and is excellent for die cutting.


Typically 40# – 100# basis weight release liner coated with a poly barrier which assists in an application where moisture is present.


A clear polyester liner that is great for a superior strength and high-speed applications. Also works well with a clear face stock to produce maximum clarity. Caliper ranges between .092 mill and 2 mill.

Super Calendared

A semi bleached kraft release liner, which comes in a caliper of 2.2 mill to 3.4 mill. A super calendared kraft liner can be used in roll-to-roll, or fan folded applications depending on the caliper of liner used.


NOTE: All adhesives must be tested to make sure they are suitable for your specific applications.


A general purpose permanent acrylic, with a strong initial tack. Adheres well to a variety of films, paper and cardboard, in damp cold environments

  • Service Range -65 to +150F
  • Minimum Application Temp +25F

All Temp

An acrylic based adhesive designed for a wide variety of applications where temperatures can fluctuate.

  • Service Range -65 to 200F
  • Minimum Application Temp -20F


A rubber based adhesive with good tack, perfect for freezer type applications, adheres well to many substrates.

  • Service Range -65 to +150F
  • Minimum Application 0f

Hot Melt

An alternative to solvent based adhesives giving a universal bond to a wide variety of substrates where a strong bond is needed.


A general purpose removable from many substrates where long term removability is needed.

  • Service Range -48 to 200F
  • Minimum Application +32F

Rubber based

A permanent adhesive with high tack and strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

  • Service Range -65 to 140F
  • Minimum Application +20F

Ultra Removable

An acrylic adhesive designed for very low tack easy removability from many surfaces.

  • Service Range -50 to 150F
  • Minimum application +45